solidwork: make Fillet

In a simple function of the Fillet / Round is to create a circular / internal or external radius on the contour of the product.
We can make all sides of fillet products, selected contours, or edges are selected.
The types of fillets
-Constant Radius Fillet
Fillet Radius-Multiple
Fillet-Round Corner
-Full Round Fillet
-Variable Radius Fillet
-Face Fillet

Recommendations for fillet:

In general, the best when making fillets:
1. add fillets bigger before smaller ones.
2. When some fillets gathered in a corner,
create a larger fillets first.
3. Add draft before the fillets.
4. Save fillets to the last.
5. Try to add the fillets after most other geometry is created.
If we add the fillets before,
needed more time to rebuild the part and other

To create a fillet:
- Click on the Features toolbar Fillet,
or click Insert, Features, Fillet / Round.
- Select option PropertyManager.
- Click OK.

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