Solidwork : revolve

Make revolve with the help of the centerline.
we can make the revolved boss / bases, revolved cuts, or revolved surfaces.
Revolve feature can be a solid, thin features, or surface.
To create a feature revolved boss / bases, we can use the following guidelines:
Sketches for revolved solid feature can contain several profiles intersect.
By selecting the pointer Contour (available contour when we click the option in PropertyManager)
We can choose one or more sketches to create a revolve.
Sketches for features ranging from a thin or surface can contain several profiles intersect open or closed.
Profiles can not be cut off centerline, solid product will not be formed.
If the sketch contains more than one center, select the centerline that we want to use as the axis of revolution.
To revolved revolved surfaces and thin, the sketch can not be cut off at the centerline.
When we click a radius dimension to revolve, we can produce a radius dimension to revolve feature.
If we click the diameter dimension, we produce diameter dimensions to revolve feature.
We have to rebuild the model to display the symbol radius or diameter dimensions.

To create a revolve feature:
Create a sketch that contains one or more profiles and centerline, outline, or edge is used as a shaft in which the features of Revolve.
Click one of the following tools revolve:
Revolved Boss / Base on the Features toolbar, or Insert, Boss / Base, Revolve
Cut on the toolbar revolved feature, or Insert, Cut, Revolve
Surface Surface revolved on the toolbar, or Insert, Surface, Revolve
In PropertyManager, set the options (set the option).
Click OK.

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  1. I'm trying to make a cup in Solidworks. it looks like a solild plastic cup. I need it to be colorless and transparent plastic. any ideas?. No, I figured that out. You enable a Plug-in in solidworks called Photoworks. There, you can play with the picture and then click on Rendering under photoworks and save the picture of the translucent object you now have..

    Solidworks 2012