draft analysis

Using the settings in draft analysis, you can verify draft angles on model faces or you can examine angle changes within a face.
To apply a draft analysis to verify draft angles:
Open the model, then click Draft Analysis on the Mold Tools toolbar, or click Tools, Draft Analysis.
Under Analysis Parameters, do the following:
Select a planar face, a linear edge or an axis to indicate the Direction of Pull.
Note the draw direction. To change the draw direction, click Reverse Direction . You can also use the handle in the graphics area to reverse direction.

Enter a Draft Angle .
Click Face classification to conduct a face-based draft analysis.
If necessary, click the Find steep faces check box. Use steep faces when the model includes curved faces. Selecting Find steep faces displays faces that have a portion of the face with less angle than the specified draft angle to the direction of pull.
When you select Find steep faces, two additional categories, are displayed:
Positive steep faces
Negative steep faces

These categories function in the same manner as other face categories (positive draft, negative draft, and so on), but only apply to steep faces.
Click Calculate.(solidwork help)

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Variable radius fillets

we can manipulate and provide value radius on the edge of a solid object with variable radius fillets.
Variable radius fillets including previews. we can choose Full preview, preview Partial, or No preview in PropertyManager.
Using a variable radius fillet:
we can specify a radius value for each control point, or assign a value to one field.
Default system for three control points located at equal distances increased by 25%, 50%, and 75% along the edge between two fingers variabel.kita can change the relative position of each control point by using the following method:
Change the percentage of control points in the callout
Select the control point and drag it to the new location


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create an arc

We can create an arc by specifying three points (start, end, and midpoint).

To make a three point arc:
1. Click the 3 Point Arc the Sketch toolbar, or click Tools, Sketch Entity, 3 Point Arc.
Arc appeared PropertyManager
PropertyManager controlling sketch Centerpoint Arc Arc, Tangent Arc, or 3 Point Arc.

We can determine the appropriate combination of the following parameters to determine the arc / arcs.
If we change one or more parameters, other parameters are automatically updated.

Center X Coordinate: X Coordinate Center
Center Y Coordinate: Center Y Coordinate
Start the X Coordinate: Starting X coordinate dr
Y Coordinate Start: Start mister Y Coordinates
End X Coordinate: Coordinate X End
End Y Coordinate: End Coordinates Y
Radius, Angle.

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Extrude features

In solidwork we can make Extrude features with simple and easy.
In the Property Manager Extrude we can define the characteristic features of ekstrude.
Extrude Types
- Extrude solid or thin
- Extrude Boss / Base
- Extrude cut
- Extrude surface

To make the Extrude feature:
1. Make sketches.
2. Click one of the Extrude tool:
- for the Extruded Boss / Base click on the toolbar features,
or click Insert -> Boss / Base -> Extrude
- to click on the toolbar Extruded Cut Feature
or click Insert -> Cut -> Extrude
- for Extruded Surface, click on the toolbar feature
or click Insert -> Surface -> Extrude
3. Set PropertyManager option.
To Extrude two-way from the sketch plane, set PropertyManager in Direction 1 and Direction 2.
To Extrude as thin features, sets PropertyManager Thin on Features.
Click OK


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