Extrude features

In solidwork we can make Extrude features with simple and easy.
In the Property Manager Extrude we can define the characteristic features of ekstrude.
Extrude Types
- Extrude solid or thin
- Extrude Boss / Base
- Extrude cut
- Extrude surface

To make the Extrude feature:
1. Make sketches.
2. Click one of the Extrude tool:
- for the Extruded Boss / Base click on the toolbar features,
or click Insert -> Boss / Base -> Extrude
- to click on the toolbar Extruded Cut Feature
or click Insert -> Cut -> Extrude
- for Extruded Surface, click on the toolbar feature
or click Insert -> Surface -> Extrude
3. Set PropertyManager option.
To Extrude two-way from the sketch plane, set PropertyManager in Direction 1 and Direction 2.
To Extrude as thin features, sets PropertyManager Thin on Features.
Click OK


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