Zebra Stripes

Zebra Stripes allows us to be able to see small changes that occur on the surface of our product images may be difficult to see with a standard view or shade.
Zebra Stripes simulate the reflection of a long strip of light on a very shiny surface.
With Zebra Stripes, we can easily see the wrinkles or defects on the surface of our 3d images, and we can verify that two adjacent faces in contact, is a tangent, or a continuous curve.

To view the section with zebra stripes:
Click Zebra Stripes (See the toolbar) or the View, Display, Zebra Stripes

To disable the zebra stripes:
Click Zebra Stripes (See the toolbar) or the View, Display, Zebra Stripes
click to remove the zebra stripes.

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Full round fillet.

Create a fillet that is tangent to three faces adjacent faces (with one or more faces tangent).
Tangent propagation is expanding fillets to all Face intersect with the selected Face.
To make a full round fillet :
Choose Face first hand.
Choose Face center.
Select Side Face opposite the first side.
Use Full preview to preview fillets from all sides.

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solid loft

Loft creates a feature by creating a transition between profiles.
Loft could be a base, boss, cut, or surface.
We create a loft using two or more profiles.

For solid loft, the first and last profile should model faces
or faces created by the split lines, planar profiles, or
To create lofts:
Loft Click on the toolbar features, or click Insert, Boss / Base, Loft.
Set the options in these PropertyManager.
Loft could manipulate ways:
Pull the 3D sketch geometry to change the shape of features when we
create or edit a loft.
Add, position, and edit the new loft sections.

Guide tangent type. Controlling the intersection where the loft meets the curve
Tangency to Face, is available as a guide curve is located at the edge of the existing geometry

Adding the tangency between faces located adjacent
along the guide curve, creating seamless transitions between
adjacent faces.
For best results, the profile must also be tangent to
faces tangent at the point where each profile meets the curve

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create a loft surface

Surfaces is a kind of geometry that can be used to create solid features.
Surface Solidwork tools available on the toolbar surfaces.
In making the surfaces we can use several methods:
- Insert a planar surface
- Extrude, revolve, sweep, or loft of the sketch
- Offset from the existing faces or surfaces
- Import files
- reate a mid-surfaces
- Radiate surfaces
- Create boundary surfaces

On this occasion we will try to learn to create a loft surface is simple .
Do not forget, make the plane for each part of the profile, so that later could be in loft surface.
planes do not need to be parallel.
Sketch the profile on the plane.
We can make all the parts and manual sketch curves in a 3D sketch.
If necessary, we can create a guide curve.
Click the Loft Surface on surfaces toolbar, or click Insert, Surface, Loft.
Set PropertyManager option.
Click OK.

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Extrude Surface

Body Surface describe geometry connected with zero thickness such as single surfaces, surfaces knit, trimmed and filleted surfaces, and so forth.
We can choose a body surface area of ​​graphics using the Filter Bodies Surface in Selection Filter toolbar.
We can choose all kinds of surfaces with Filter Surface Bodies.
Surface bodies which include:
Single face surfaces
Multiple face surfaces
Knit surfaces
Filleted surfaces
Trimmed and extended surfaces
Imported surfaces
Planar surfaces and mid surfaces
Surfaces can be created with the Extrude, revolve, loft, sweep, offset,
radiate, or fill
To select a single face in a complex body surface, use
Filter Faces on the Selection Filter toolbar.

To make Extrude Surface:
Create a new plane with a through line / point, click three points on the body surface
Create a profile sketch on a new plane.
Click the Extruded Surface on surfaces toolbar, or click Insert,
Surface, Extrude.
Set PropertyManager option.
Extruded surface by using the Mid Plane from sketched spline
Click OK.

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Cut revolves

Cut revolves remove material by using one or more profiles revolving around the centerline.
Selected Contours With pointers, we can select one or more non-intersecting or intersecting sketches to make a cut revolve.
2D sketch profile sketch must; 3D sketch is not supported for the profile. Axis of revolution could be a 3D sketch
Profiles can not cross the centerline. If the sketch contains more than one centerline, select the centerline that we want to use as the axis of revolution.

To make a cut revolve:
Create a sketch that contains one or more profiles and centerline, outline, or edge that will be used as a pivot.
Click revolved Cut on the Features toolbar, or Insert, Cut, Revolve
In PropertyManager, set the options as we want.
Click OK

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Combine Bodies

Once we make additional sketches that will be in combination with the products we make.
We can combine several solid bodies untukmenjadi one solid body.
There are three ways to combine a few solid body:
Add namely Combining solid bodies of all the elected body to create a single body.
Subtract the Delete multiple overlapping body into one new body.
Common namely Removes all body except that overlaps (overlap).

To use Add:
Click Combine the Features toolbar, or click Insert, Features, Combine.
Combine PropertyManager will appear.
In the Operation Type, click Add.
In the Main Body, select the body that will be merged with the
sketches that we make.
Click Show Preview to see the feature.
if it is appropriate ..... Click OK.
Do not forget to save for recalled memories; p

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shell features

Shell tool is a feature to create a thin wall in a solid product.
If we do not want to choose the face on the model, we can shell in the solid part,
If Shell we do have a problem, Error Diagnostics will appear on PropertyManager to help us diagnose the problem.

To make the features of the shell with a thickness:
Shell Click on the toolbar or Insert Feature, Features, Shell.
In PropertyManager, under Parameters:
Set the Thickness to adjust the thickness of the faces.
Select one or more faces in the area of graphics.

Click OK

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helix or spiral

We can create a helical or spiral curve in the products we make.
helix curve can be used as a path or a guide for swept features, or guide curve for lofted feature.

To create a helical or spiral:
Click Helix and Spiral Curves on the toolbar, or click Insert, Curve, Helix / Spiral.
Open the sketch and sketch a circle. This controls the diameter of a circle diameter of the helix (except in thevariable pitch helixes).
Helix / Spiral PropertyManager arise when we create a new helical or spiral in a sketch or edit a helix or spiral.
Set the value that should be included in the Helix / Spiral PropertyManager.
Pitch and Revolution.
Make a helix defined by Pitch and Revolutions.
High and Revolution.
Make a helix defined by the High and Revolutions.
Height and Pitch.
Make a helix defined by the height and pitch.
Make a spiral is determined by the pitch and Revolutions.

Constant Pitch.
Create a constant pitch along the helix.
Variable Pitch.
Making a pitch varies based on regional parameters that we specify.
Region Parameters (Variable pitches only).
Set the revolution (Rev) or high (H), diameter (Dia), and level pitch (P) for the variable pitch helix.
Set the rate of change of radius for each revolution.
Set the number of rounds.
Reverse direction. create a spiral inward.
Start angle.
Set where to begin sketching a circle
Setting the direction changed to clockwise.
Set the turn into the opposite direction.

Click OK.

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improvements 3D solid, with autocad 2D

This time we will make improvements 3D drawing, with the help of autocad 2D sketch
We can include DWG files directly into SolidWorks documents to assist us in conducting 3D design changes. step by step very modest and simple.

Click Insert, DXF / DWG.

In the dialog box, browse to the folder where the files are DWG click Open.

In the DXF / DWG Import - Drawing Layer Mapping dialog box, accept the defaults and click Next.

In the DXF / DWG Import - Drawing Layer Mapping dialog box:
Select Import in the 2D sketch sheet to import all data to the 2D sketch

Click Finish.
Click Rebuild.

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