Combine Bodies

Once we make additional sketches that will be in combination with the products we make.
We can combine several solid bodies untukmenjadi one solid body.
There are three ways to combine a few solid body:
Add namely Combining solid bodies of all the elected body to create a single body.
Subtract the Delete multiple overlapping body into one new body.
Common namely Removes all body except that overlaps (overlap).

To use Add:
Click Combine the Features toolbar, or click Insert, Features, Combine.
Combine PropertyManager will appear.
In the Operation Type, click Add.
In the Main Body, select the body that will be merged with the
sketches that we make.
Click Show Preview to see the feature.
if it is appropriate ..... Click OK.
Do not forget to save for recalled memories; p

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  1. A course which I recently joined has some Solidworks projects later on (everyone in this course has learned solidworks except for me) and I was wondering how difficult is it to learn it? Are there any good books/strategy which you would recommend? Thank you..

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