Extrude Surface

Body Surface describe geometry connected with zero thickness such as single surfaces, surfaces knit, trimmed and filleted surfaces, and so forth.
We can choose a body surface area of ​​graphics using the Filter Bodies Surface in Selection Filter toolbar.
We can choose all kinds of surfaces with Filter Surface Bodies.
Surface bodies which include:
Single face surfaces
Multiple face surfaces
Knit surfaces
Filleted surfaces
Trimmed and extended surfaces
Imported surfaces
Planar surfaces and mid surfaces
Surfaces can be created with the Extrude, revolve, loft, sweep, offset,
radiate, or fill
To select a single face in a complex body surface, use
Filter Faces on the Selection Filter toolbar.

To make Extrude Surface:
Create a new plane with a through line / point, click three points on the body surface
Create a profile sketch on a new plane.
Click the Extruded Surface on surfaces toolbar, or click Insert,
Surface, Extrude.
Set PropertyManager option.
Extruded surface by using the Mid Plane from sketched spline
Click OK.

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