solid loft

Loft creates a feature by creating a transition between profiles.
Loft could be a base, boss, cut, or surface.
We create a loft using two or more profiles.

For solid loft, the first and last profile should model faces
or faces created by the split lines, planar profiles, or
To create lofts:
Loft Click on the toolbar features, or click Insert, Boss / Base, Loft.
Set the options in these PropertyManager.
Loft could manipulate ways:
Pull the 3D sketch geometry to change the shape of features when we
create or edit a loft.
Add, position, and edit the new loft sections.

Guide tangent type. Controlling the intersection where the loft meets the curve
Tangency to Face, is available as a guide curve is located at the edge of the existing geometry

Adding the tangency between faces located adjacent
along the guide curve, creating seamless transitions between
adjacent faces.
For best results, the profile must also be tangent to
faces tangent at the point where each profile meets the curve

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