Cut loft

Cut loft to create a feature to make the transition between profiles.
we make the cut loft by using two or more profiles and sketching guide.
To cut Loft, profiles of the first and last should be the model's face
or a face created by the split line, planar profile, or

To make the cut lofts:

Create a sketch that serves as a profile and guide to make the feature cut loft.
Click on the toolbar feature lofted cut.
or insert -> cut -> Loft
click sketches that function sebagia profiles and guide curves
In the area of ​​the graph, click near the same place on each profile
(Eg, the top-right), so the path of travel in the loft cut
straight line and not get twisted. Select the sketch in
sequence that we want to connect them.
A preview shows us how the profiles will be connected. This system
connecting points or closest point to where we click.
Click Isometric on the Standard Views toolbar.
Click on the toolbar feature cut loft.
Click OK

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