Trim surfaces

We can use the surface, plane, or sketch as a trim tool to trim the intersecting surfaces.
We have to make two or more surfaces that intersect at one point or more, or create a surface that intersect with the plane or has a sketch on his face.
Click Trim surfaces on surfaces toolbar, or click Insert, Surface, Trim.

In PropertyManager, select the type:
Thanks surface using surface, sketch entities, curves,
plane, and so forth.
Thanks a multiple surfaces using their own surface.

In the selection, choose from these options:
Trim tool
Select the surface, sketch entities, curve, or plane in the graphics area
as a tool that trims the other surface.
Select a trim action:
Keep selections. Retains the surfaces listed under Pieces to Keep.
Intersecting surfaces not listed under Pieces to Keep acres Discarded.
Remove selections. Discard the surfaces listed under Pieces to Remove
Click OK.

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