Cut with surface Plane

In solidwork we can cut a solid model by removing the material with the plane.
Steps must we do to cut a solid model with a plane is:
The first step in the toolbar click the Cut with surface features, or click Insert, Cut, with surface.
In the Property Manager, under
Parameters, select the plane that is used to cut a solid model.
To view the results can be viewed from Preview. If necessary, click Flip cut to reverse the direction of the cut.
Arrow points to determine the direction of solid that will be discarded.
For multibody part, under Feature Scope, select one of the following:
All bodies.surface cuts cut off all the body.
Selected bodies.surface cuts only on the selected body.
Auto-select. Automatically selects all the intersecting relevant body.
Click OK.

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  1. I am not pretty sure, forgive me if I answer wrong. but I give it a try.. while saving (or Save as), It ask you to put a name for the file. down to it, there is a specific area where you can specify the data type. choose your appropriate data type.. hope it helped. . Again I am sorry if it is wrong, because I am not sure. :-)

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