Determine the parameters extrude boss

In the Extrude Boss parameters, we can determine the parameters for extrudes Boss with a lot of ways, including
Start Condition. Select a start condition to determine the size. If Offset, set Offset value.
End Condition. Select the final conditions to determine the size.
Depth. Set the value of the depth of the Extrude feature.
Toggle to change the comparison symbols>, <, and =. With the draft to find the extrusion by the draft angle. Set the following parameters to find extrudes with the specified settings. Select Any, On, or Off. Merge Result > Boss extrudes only
Flip Side to Cut > Cut extrudes only
Reverse Offset and Translate Surface
If you choose On, set the option similar to Direction1.
Thin Feature. Select to find a thin extrusion feature.
Thickness. Set a value for T1 and T2.

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  1. I would open a sketch, lets say on the right plane. Draw a circle and dimension the outer diameter. Next I would offset that circle to the thickness of the belt. Next I would extrude that sketch by mid plane to the width of the belt. Now I would create another sketch off the same plane (right) and select the face of the belt and select convert entities in your sketch list. Now I would take the line command and center a tooth top and bottom (or off set them if need belt). Now trim off the excess lines after you dimension your teeth.. Extrude the teeth sketch the same way as you did the belt.. Now select that feature in the feature manager and do a circular pattern.. You can then choose how many teeth you want and it will space it out for you.. . Email me if you need better help.

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