Make a color display in SolidWorks

In solidwork, we can apply color to the entire part, or the selected face and also on the body.
We can also modify the color by manipulating the appearance.
Appearance Callouts face color displays, features, body, and parts and is a shortcut to edit the colors.
We can determine the hierarchy of the color of callout in the Document Properties tab.
To change the view in part:
Click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools, Options.
In the Document Properties tab, click Colors.
Under Model \ color feature, select Shading.
Click Edit and select a color from the color palette or click Define Custom Colors and set a new color.
Click OK to close the color palette, and click OK to close the Document Properties - Color dialog box.
To change the color and optical properties of the selected face, feature, or body:
Select the face in the graphics area, or select the features or body on the tree FeatureManager design.
To select multiple entities, hold down the Ctrl key when we select.
Click Edit Color (Standard toolbar).
Right-click the face, feature, or body, and select Properties Face, Feature Properties, Properties or body.
For features, select a color in the Feature Properties dialog box.
Change the color in the Properties dialog box body.
Click OK.

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