Create Offset Surface and Surface Cut

To create a Surface Offset, the steps we have to do is
Click on the toolbar Surface Surface Offset, or click Insert, Surface, Offset.
In PropertyManager, select the surface or face in the graphics area for Surface or Face to Offset.
Set the value for Offset Distance.
we also can make the surface with a distance of zero distance.
Offset Direction Select Flip according to what we want.
Click OK.

To make the Cut Surface
At SolidWorks we can cut a solid model by removing material with a surface or plane. With parts of multibody,
we can choose to keep the body.
To cut a solid body with a surface or plane:
Click Cut With Surface Features on the toolbar, or click Insert, Cut, With Surface.
In the PropertyManager, under the Cut Surface Parameters, select the surface or plane used to cut solid body.
Check the preview. If necessary, click the Back cut to reverse the direction of cutting.
Arrow points in a solid direction to throw.

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