Cut Surface solid bodies

Now we will learn to cut the solid bodies using the surface.
Steps should we do before cutting solid bodies is that we must make the first surface is in use as a cutting tool.
To make sweept surface is:
Create a sketch on profile planes to sweep, sweep the path, and guide curves.
Sketch sweep profile and path to the planes that we make.
We can also make a sketch sweep the path in the model face.

Once we make a sweep surface, we just do the cut surface.
Here we can do the cutting of a solid model by removing the material by using the Surface.
To cut a solid body with the Surface, we have to do is:
Click on the Cut With Surface Features toolbar, or click Insert> Cut> With Surface.

In the PropertyManager, under Surface Cut Parameters, select the surface or plane to use to cut the solid bodies.
Examine the preview. If Necessary, click Flip cut to reverse the direction of the cut.
The arrow points in the direction of the solid to discard.

In PropertyManager, Cut Surface Parameters, select the surface that will be used for cutting solid bodies.
Click the preview. If necessary, cut the Flip to reverse the direction of cutting.
Arrow points to the direction of a solid is discarded.

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Step by step to create a tapered shape

Here we will learn SOLIDWORKS a simple step by step to create a tapered shape.
Initial step we have to do, make a circle first in the top area plane.
Click on the origin (0,0), then drag the mouse to form a circle, love the dimensions as desired.
The next step after getting out of the sketch, click Insert> extruded boss / base
In the configuration extrude Direction 1
Choose the Blind, to determine the distance extrude
input range
Draft outward Do not tick
Click OK

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Drawing using 3D Sketch

The first step we have to do is create a 3D sketch of the frame outside.
Click New and create a new part.
Click on the toolbar Sketch 3D Sketch.
Click the Line button on the toolbar Sketches and sketches about 100mm long lines on the XY plane from the origin.
The pointer changes to while sketching horizontally on the XY plane.

Sketch the line for the length estimation, the dimension of the right length later.
Click the Select button on the Standard toolbar, and select the end point of beginning of the line.
In PropertyManager, make sure that the endpoint is exactly at the origin (0, 0, 0 as shown below parameter), is the same origin (as shown in relationship that exists) and Full Set (as shown in the information).

If the endpoint is not at the origin:
Under Parameters, set the coordinates X, Y coordinate, and Z coordinates to 0.
Click Add Relationship Repair.
Now the point is Fully Defined, as shown in the information.
Reducing the size of the sketch to give a broad sketch opens on the right side of the chart area.

Click the Line (Sketch toolbar) and continued to sketch the lines from the end point of the 100mm line. Every time you start a new line, the origin for the coordinate system is currently showing at the beginning of a new line to help direct you.
Sketch the following lines to the approximate length, then the long dimension of the right later.

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