Using Parametrics in the Sketch

We will study some of the parametrics using the dimensions and just by dragging the mouse with the mouse.
The initial step SolidWorks please open a new document by clicking the New toolbar button or by
choosing File> New.
From the template list, select a new template part
Press the Spacebar on the keyboard to open the View Orientation dialog box, and double-click the Front view ..
Right-click on FeatureManager Front plane, or whatever is listed first plane, and select the Sketch.
Click the View menu, and make sure the items depressed Sketch Relations.
This shows a small icon on the screen to indicate when the parametric relationship between the entities created sketches.
Click the circle from the Sketch toolbar
from the Tools> Sketch Entities> Circle.
Sketch a circle centered on the Origin.
With the Circle tool activated, click the cursor
at the Origin in the graphics area. The Origin is the asterisk at the intersection of the long
vertical red arrow and the short horizontal red arrow. After clicking the first point, which
represents the center of the circle, move the cursor away from the Origin, and click again,
which will establish the radius of the circle.

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