The product simple to use sketch, smart dimension and Revolved boss

Now we will try to make the product simple to use sketch, smart dimension and Revolved

The initial steps we have to do, start SolidWorks and open a new part.
Select the Front Plane and sketching.
Make a sketch of the line consisting of four rows and three dimensions.
Make sure the lower left corner of the sketch is the origin.
Click on the Arc in the CommandManager.

Click on the Arc Tangent in the PropertyManager.
Click on the right end of the horizontal line above.
Place the tip of the arc at the tip end of a horizontal line above.
Press the button to end the command line.

Set the dimensions for the bow that we just created
Click on the Smart dimension in-Command Manager.
Create a dimension for each line of 60, 30, 20
Click on the arc.
Set dimensions.
Create an arc radius to 65.
Click on OK.

Creating a curved edge between the arc and the vertical line.
Click on the Sketch Fillet CommandManager.
Create a radius of 10 mm 'in the Property Manager-.
Click on the bow, to the left of the vertical line.
Click on the vertical line, just below the arc.
Click on OK.

Click Features in CommandManager and Revolved Boss / Base
Next, we must set the axis of rotation:
Click on the left vertical line in the sketch.
Make sure the angle of rotation of the Property Manager is set to '360-degree '.
Click on OK.

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Mass Properties in Solidworks

When we began designing our product design need to know how many times the parts that we make.
Solidworks has the facilities that support for it, namely Mass Properties
Mass Properties showing the mass properties of parts.
We can assign values ​​to the mass and center of gravity to calculate it.
Steps we need to do to display the Mass Properties:
Select an item or component will be evaluated.
If no component is selected or solid body, mass properties will evaluate all or part of the multibody part.
Mass Properties Click on the Tools toolbar or Tools, Mass Properties.
We can evaluate the different entities without closing Mass Properties dialog box.
Remove the selection, then select the entity, and click Calculate Recalculate.

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