Cutting Body Part by the Sketch

The initial steps we have to do to use the cut-extrude is to sketch a line as a line cutter.
To sketch the lines:
Click the Line on the Sketch toolbar, or click Tools, Sketch Entity, Line.
Collinear, Items located on the same line and infinite.
Under Options, select:
For construction to sketch construction line.
Infinite length to sketch a line of infinite length.
Under Parameters, based on the Orientation

The next step click the extruded cut
Extruded Cut on the Features toolbar, or click Insert, Cut, Extrude
Set PropertyManager options.
Through All: extends the features of the sketch plane through all existing geometry
Flip side to cut (cutting Extruded only). Delete all material from the outer profile.
By default, the material removed from the inside of the profile.

Selected bodies. APPLIES the feature to the bodies you select. If you add new bodies to the model are That
intersected by the feature, you need to use the Edit feature to edit the extrude feature,
Those select bodies, and to add Them to the list of selected bodies.
If you do not add the new bodies to the list of selected bodies, They Remain intact.

Selected bodies. Feature applies to the body that we choose. If we add a new body to a model that
intersected with those features, we need to use the Edit feature to edit the Extrude feature,
selected bodies, and add them to the list of the selected body.
If we do not add a new body to the list of elected bodies, they remain intact, will not be truncated.

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