Insert, Surface, Loft

Once we create a profile or sketch 2d and 3d, we will try to use the SolidWorks menu facility, the surface loft

We can create a loft guide curves by using two or more profiles and one or more guide curves to connect the profile.
Profiles can be either planar or non-planar. We help guide curves to control the resulting intermediate profile.
Add Pierce relations between the guide curves and edges or points on non-planar faces.
Sketch of the profile remains necessary to make the apartment.
Add the relationship between profiles and guide curves:
Pierce curve relationship between guidelines and the node, user-defined points, sketch, or both, on the profile.
Along the relationship between node, user-defined points, sketch, or both, of the guide curves and profiles.

Steps we have to do in making the surface loft is:
Surface Loft on the Features toolbar, or Insert > Surface > Loft

In this PropertyManager:
Select the profile loft in the graphics area to profile.
To select a profile sketch on non-planar faces, we must use the tools in SelectionManager Groups Select to choose the edge profiles of individual sketches.
Set the PropertyManager options.
Click OK.

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