Creates a mirrored about a face or a plane.
body in a single model or multibody part to create a mirror entity.

To mirror a feature:
Click Mirror on the Features toolbar or Insert, Pattern/Mirror, Mirror.
Under Mirror Face/Plane , select a face or a plane in the graphics area.
You can select features, the faces that comprise features.

To use features: Under Features to Mirror , click one or more features in the model or use the flyout in the FeatureManager design tree.

To mirror the entire model: Under Bodies to Mirror , select a model in the graphics area.

The mirrored model attaches to the face you select.

To use faces: Under Faces to Mirror , in the graphics area click the faces that comprise the feature you want to mirror. Faces to Mirror is useful with imported parts where the import process included the faces of the feature, but not the feature itself.

To mirror a pattern on multibody parts:

Under Features to Mirror , select the pattern from the FeatureManager design tree.

Under Options, select Geometry pattern.

Under Feature Scope, select an option based on the bodies to which you want to apply the pattern.

To use bodies: Under Bodies to Mirror , in the graphics area select the body you want to mirror.

If you select Bodies to Mirror, the following Options appear:

Merge solids. When you select a face on a solid part, and clear the Merge solids check box, you can create a mirrored body that is attached to the original body, but is a separate entity. If you select Merge solids, the original part and the mirrored part become a single entity.

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