Thin Extrude feature

The thin Extrude feature is one of the staples of SolidWorks  modeling. Depending on the type of modeling that you do, the Extrude feature may be one of your main tools.

The initial step we have to do is to sketch.
Click Extruded Boss / Base on the Features toolbar, or click Insert, Boss / Base, Extrude. on Choose Thin Feature
Use the Thin Feature option to control the thickness of the extrude.
Thin base feature can be used as the basis for the sheet metal.
To set the extrude feature thin type, Choose:
One-Direction> Set the thickness of one direction to extrude out of the sketch.
Mid-Plane. Set the thickness of the extrude with the same thickness in both directions from the sketch.
The Mid Plane end condition eliminates the Direction 2 options and divides the
extrude distance equally in both directions; for example, if you specify a 1.00-inch Mid
Plane, SolidWorks extrudes .50 inches in one direction and .50 inches in the other direction.
Two-Direction. Allows us to set a different thickness to the thickness direction of the extrude the other direction.
Click OK

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