Angle-chamfer distance

Creates a feature on selected beveled edges or a vertex.
Enter values ​​for distance and angle in the chamfer PropertyManager or in the graphics area. An arrow points in the That Appears
direction in the which the distance is Measured. If Necessary, click Flip direction.

Chamfer tool is a tool to create the feature side, on the edges, faces, or vertices.
Angle chamfer distance to adjust the distance and angle of the Property Manager or the graphics area.
An arrow appears pointing to the direction where the distance will be measured.
Select the arrows to flip direction, or click Flip direction
To make a chamfer, the steps we have to do is:
Click the chamfer on the toolbar feature, or click Insert, Features, chamfer.
Under Parameter chamfer:
Select an entity in the graphics area to edge and face or Vertex.
Select> Angle distance
Select Equal Distance to assign a single value for the distance or the vertex.
Select the Keep check box features if you want to retain features Such as cuts or extrudes That would otherwise be removed when you apply the chamfer.
Select preview mode: Full preview, Partial preview, or No preview.
Click OK.

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