Fill cracks with fill Surface

When we designed the 3d, then there is a gap along the surface.
Before the patch we need mmembuat sketch the outline as a guide as constraint curve.
We can patch the surface properly, we must apply a different curvature to control the different types of boundary edges.
Click Filled Surface on the Surfaces toolbar, or Insert> Surface> Fill.
In the graphics area, under Boundary Patch, select the boundary edges.
With Alternate Face, you can flip the boundary face for the curvature control of the patch. Alternate Face is used only when creating a patch on a solid model.
Alternate Face> contact
Click Optimize surface
Select the option Optimize surface with two or four-sided surfaces. The Optimize option APPLIES surface a simplified surface patch That is similar to a lofted surface. Potential advantages of the optimized surface patch include faster build times, and Increased stability when used in conjunction with other features in the model.
Click Show preview
Display a shaded preview of the fill surface.
Click Preview mesh
Display a grid on the patch to help you visualize the curvature. The Preview mesh is available only when you select Show preview.
Click OK to apply the Fill Surface

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