Begin to sketch Solidworks for beginners

How to start sketching for beginners with less knowledge of SolidWorks?
If we make the first sketch is of the view left or right, select Right Plane.
Here we do not have to use one default plane for the first sketch that we make we can make a new plane at each
angle. The orientation of the view plane is determined by default, but we can also berreorientasi part to change the Front to the Top for example, Update Standard Views in the dialog box.
When we make a new part or assembling, the default three-plane aligned with a particular view.
Plane can be chosen for our first sketch to determine the orientation of the part that we make.
For example, if we select the Front plane in the Orientation dialog box or add a front display for the picture), this view would
plane normal to the Front.
If we open a new part and select the sketch tool, we are asked to select the Top Plane.

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Creating a Circular Pattern Sketch

Circular Pattern in making the necessary facilities or sketch the edge of the circular, cylindrical Face, Face revolved,
a straight edge, axis, or axis while serving as Axis Circular Pattern.
Circular Pattern for this he did not have 2 Direction option, as in a linear pattern
Same as in the linear spaces patern but he took the corner and share equally with the total number of corners.

Now we will try to sketch a circular pattern with the original reference point.

It points to consider are:

Entities to Pattern
Select the sketch entity that we want to make a circular pattern

reverse direction
Choose a pattern center:
Use the sketch origin (default).
Center X. Set the pattern along the axis X.
Y. center Set the pattern along the axis Y.

Pattern center at sketch origin
Set pattern along the center axis X and Y
Set the total number of degrees included in the patern.
Equal spacing.
Set the example pattern equidistant from each other.
Add spacing dimensions.
Displays the pattern dimensions of the sample.
Set the number of pattern instances.
Display instance count.
Indicates the number of cases in the pattern.
Set the radius pattern.
Arc Angle.
Set the angle measured from the center of the elected body to the central point or point pattern.

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To copy sketch entities

In an open sketch, click Copy Entities on the Sketch toolbar, or click Tools, Sketch Tools,
Move or Copy.
To copy the sketch entities, in the PropertyManager, under Operation, select Copy, and set the Number of Copies to create, or
Click Select. Hold down the Ctrl key on keybopard.
Click the circumference of a circle. pull / drag until the new circle.
Release the mouse button. Release the Ctrl key.

Add an equal relation.
Click Select. Hold down the Ctrl key
Click the circumference of a circle first, then the second circle is selected.
Click Equal. Release the Ctrl key.
Click OK.

When we would change the diameter of a circle, then the second circle will automatically change according to the diameter of a circle.

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