Basic Concepts Solidworks

1. SolidWorks model consists of parts, assemblies, and drawings.
2. Within SolidWorks, we usually start with a sketch designs, making the basic features, and then add more features to the model.
3. We are free to tune We design by adding, changing, or use a reordering features.
4. Associativity between parts, assemblies and drawings to ensure that changes made in one view are automatically be done for all other views.
5. We can produce drawings or assembly at any time in the design process.
6. SolidWorks software lets you customize the design according to the functions we need.
7. Click Tools, Options on the main menu to display the System Options and Document Properties tabs.

Auto recover option to recover automatically store information about a more active part, assembly, or drawing document so that we do not lose your job we are doing in case of system crash.
To set this option, click Tools, Options.
On the System Options tab, click Backup and select Save auto recover every information changes.
determine the number of changes that must occur before the information is automatically saved.

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