Minimum letter height - Drawing Properties Detailing

Drawing Properties Detailing provides the ability to be overcome:
standard dimensions, text style, center marks, witness lines, arrow styles, tolerance and precision.
Stored in the Drawing Properties Drawing Template.
There are many text styles and sizes available in SolidWorks.
They develop a standard image format and use specific text height for Metric and English drawings.
ASME Y14.2M-1992 (R1998) standard lists the text, arrowheads, and the convention and the convention line of letters to engineering drawings and documentation practices.
• Font: Use a single stroke, gothic letters in uppercase letters. Use a single font. Century Gothic is the default SolidWorks font. Create a test page to ensure that Windows and special Printer / Plotter driver supports the selected font.
- Minimum letter height will vary depending on the use of the image:
- Minimum letter height used for the image title, image size, image number and revision letter is positioned in the Title
block is .12 in. (3mm) for A, B and C size inches and A2, A3 and A4
metric image sizes: tall Text .24 in. (6mm) for D and E inch image size and A0, A1 metric size of the image.
- Minimum letter height to view Section, Zone letters and numbers is .24 in (6mm) for all image sizes. Set the text size to Sections, Details and View the font to 6mm.
- Minimum letter height for drawing title block is .10 in. (2.5mm) for all image sizes.
- Minimum letter height for all other characters are .12 in. (3mm) for all drawing sizes. Set the text size to dimensions and Font Notes to 3mm.
Arrow: Utilize solid filled single arrow style, with a 3:1 ratio of length to width of the arrow arrows. Arrowhead width is proportional to the thickness of the line. Dimension line thickness is 0.3mm. In this project, the arrow length is 3mm. Arrow width is 1mm. SolidWorks defines arrow size with three options: Height, width and length. High according to the width of the arrow. Wide as the length of the arrow. Length corresponding to the distance from the tip of the arrow to the tip of the tail.

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