Creating a solid feature with thickening of the surface

If we want to thicken the surface, we must first surface knit together before we thickened surface.
If the surface is 1surface then we make bold.
To thicken the surface, the steps we have to do is:
Thicken click on the toolbar feature, or click Insert, Boss / Base, Thicken.
Based Parameter Thicken, do the following:
In the graphics area, select the Thicken Surface.
Check the preview, and select the surfaces to be bold, as shown below.
Enter the number of such thickness.
Note that when we choose the Thicken Both Sides, we specify the figures for both sides.
To make solid, click Create solid from enclosed volume.
This option is available only if we create a volume that is fully enclosed by the surface.
Click OK.

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