Advantages and limitations of the 3D sketch

The obvious advantage of the 3D placement sketch is that it can put a set of holes on any set of
solid faces, regardless of whether they are at different levels, are non-parallel, or are even non-planar.
This function offers multiple holes, multiple faces, and multiple directions. In situations where
that is what you need, nothing else will do.
A limitation of the 3D sketch is that it can be fairly cumbersome. Dimensions work very differently
in 3D sketches compared to 2D sketches. For example, to create and place a hole in a specific position
on a cylinder, you need to follow these steps:
1. Begin with a circle with a diameter of one inch, drawn on the Top plane and
extruded using the Mid-plane option one inch.
2. Start the Hole Wizard without any pre-selection, either through the Features toolbar
or by choosing Insert ➪ Features ➪ Hole ➪ Wizard.
3. Set the interface to use an ANSI inch, one-quarter-inch, and counterbored hole for a
socket head cap screw. Use a Normal fit and Through All for the End Condition, with a
.100-inch head clearance (in the Options panel) and no custom sizing changes. These
settings are shown in Figure 17.4.
4. Click the Positions tab, which is located at the top of the PropertyManager window.
The interface asks you to select a face where you would like to put the holes or to select
the 3D sketch option. In this case, click the 3D Sketch button.

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