To create a loft using a split line:

To create a loft using a split line:
1. Use a split line to create a non-planar profile on a model face.
2. Set up the planes needed for the profile sketches. Use existing planes, or create new planes. The planes do not have to be parallel.
3. Sketch the profiles.
4. Click one of the following:
5. Under Profile, do the following:
• Select the Profiles to loft in the graphics area.
In the graphics area, a shaded preview connecting the selected entities appears.
• Click Move Up or Move Down to reorder the profiles.
6. To control tangency, click Start/End Tangency.
7. Under Guide Curves select guide curves from the graphics area, if needed.
When using guide curves, you can also control side tangency by selecting All Faces under Guide tangency
• Loft on the Features toolbar or Insert, Boss, Loft
• Insert, Cut, Loft
• Lofted Surface on the Surfaces toolbar or Insert, Surface, Loft
The planar profile is a circle created
on plane 4.
The face created by the split line is
projected onto a non-planar face.
8. Under Options, select Maintain tangency, Advanced smoothing, or Close loft, if needed.
• You can also clear the Show preview check box to display only the profiles and the path.
• Merge result is the default value. Clear the check box if you do not want to merge all the loft
9. To create a loft with thin walls, click Thin Feature.
10. Click OK .

SolidWorks 2004 Reference Guide 6-97

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